Friday, 17 October 2008

In the News...

The Avis loves me. This year, I've been on pages 1, 2, 3, and 5.... I guess I gotta get page 4 to complete the set.
Got a St Thomas Daily news article comin soon...

Monday, 5 November 2007

Interlude in Bude: Carpet Diem

So, it's rush hour on the M1 in the UK. I'm doing 80something, and these Brits keep on passin' me by.

Conspiracy theory thang for you. The UK has been heavily involved in this whole "bomb the mideast" thing for a minute, but the Pound is beating the Dollar like a rented red headed step mule. I don't wanna buy ANYTHING in this country. Fish and Chips are calling me, but for now, we stick to our steady diet of coldcuts, cheese, and bread (cheesumbread!)

See that dog? Her name's Missy Piggy. She's a sweetheart. Her owner is a gentleman by the name of Carpetface, the reason we're driving from the top of England to the bottom without even stopping in London (more on that later).

We recorded a few joints with Carpetface, looked at the vietiful view, and played some arcade games. There's a buncha pics and videos below, so I'll let them speak to ya.

hahaha, humps are funny.

Above is Carpetface himself. Homie was getting interviewed by a magazine so we trooped around town finding funness.

Our good homie and Carpetface associate RW Hedges gives us a lil book review. In case you are unaware, Mr Hedges is one of the most interesting and enjoyable people to talk to on the planet. You should buy lots and lots of his record.

After the Budeness, we decided to hit up London for a day before we rocked Leeds U radio and a show in Wakefield. Before that, we took a brief respite in Andover, lookit.

Saturday, 20 October 2007

Crispy (aka leeds by example)

Whatup England? MINDSpray is in the ... the country.

So, where were we? Oh right. Paris. Funktacular.

7am Plane to Manchester? Less than nifty.

4 hours late kind of less than nifty. Did I mention our lack of sleep the night before?

No matter. We rented a car. Yup. Mr dY driving on the left again. Luvley.

The bathrooms (or toilets, as they're known here) in Europe are dope. Mad clean, ecologimacal, but I haven't seen a bidet yet. All the automatic sinks and hand dryers are a bit off-putting. Plus heads want 50 centiums just top use the darn thang.

Look at what DJ MilkMoney goes through for you

Um, and here's us "blogging", or as we in the rap game call it, "babbling."

Oh and by the way, it's not centiums in the UK, it's Pounds and Pence. Because England won't get down with the Euro, they've got their own money, not like the Prince of Zamunda got his own money. The Pound is beating the Euro, and whupping the dollar like a greenbacked stepchild.

We hit up the Rose & Crown, a nice lil bar in Dewsbury, where we got down with Mury (Get It) Poppinz and the Don't talk to Strangers Crew.

First up was the battle. Con decided to bring a bit of NY swagger to the comp. At first, heads tried to front (you can hear em booing before he starts), but you know how MINDSpray do.

After that, we rocked the songy songs, and folks were incredibly happy.

See the smiles on the backs of those necks?

Some heads even bought CDs. We then... wait.
Did I mention the bunny chicks?

Seems England is into bunny chicks. I saw a gaggle of 12 year olds with bunny hats at the motorway rest stop, and then grown versions of the sort at the show.

Speaking of rest stops, check out Con trying to video blog before he is distracted by food like things.

Anywhat, back to the matter at hand. Our next stop was the city of Leeds, and a stereotypical
dance music booming drugged out crowd, and our homies, painting graffiti outside.

That's Mury. He's the man. And he likes my stickers.

Sloth has a smile so bright it blinds your humble narrator.

The women are quite proactive across the pond as well. Take this inebriated afterpartyer. She requested to be painted, asked for a photograph, and then shouted her facebook page to everyone within earshot.

Up next, southern UK, some nature, and the Goose Neck Steppers crew.
For now, check out MilkMoney skateboarding at 6am.

Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Mindspray in Europe (part 1)

(paris subway map)

Okay, so here we go. If you are uninformed, my name is Dyalekt. Yeah it's a funny name. So's your mom. Wait. That's not funny. So I balance having a funny name by being dreadfully droll.

My rappity rap crew MINDSpray, is currently on tour. BrokenDomer, with DJ Halo, are
running around the west coast of the US. Nifty. DJ MilkMoney, C.O.N.C.E.P.T., and your humble narrator are in Europe. That's right, with euros and everything. We came outta Air India in Paris (Free Scotch on the plane!) and MINDSpray homie Native took us in for a lil eastern hospitality. We spent our tour warmup rocking a capella above a French restaurant, then in the street, and later with a Brazilian band in Montmartre.

lookit pictures!
So I arrive at Charles De Gaulle Airport. Tons of French people, all skinny jean and blazered out. To my left is a monument to Rugby... I think. Shame that France lost the big rugby game the day we left for Manchester.


This is what the subway entrance looks like in Paris. Doper than a green or red dot. So far this has been one of my favorite parts of the city... mostly because C.O.N.C.E.P.T. , Native, and I spent most of our time freestyling on them.

looky (and listeny)

Native is a gracious host (as well as Katherine, whatup lady!), as well as a visual masterpiecer.
You should cop his book Sessions

for artisticalimogriphacal reasons, he cannot be shown on video or in pictures... but you can see his work:

Here's us @ DJ Ghost's crib in Paris

by the by, Paris is FULL of graffiti... checkidout: