Monday, 5 November 2007

Interlude in Bude: Carpet Diem

So, it's rush hour on the M1 in the UK. I'm doing 80something, and these Brits keep on passin' me by.

Conspiracy theory thang for you. The UK has been heavily involved in this whole "bomb the mideast" thing for a minute, but the Pound is beating the Dollar like a rented red headed step mule. I don't wanna buy ANYTHING in this country. Fish and Chips are calling me, but for now, we stick to our steady diet of coldcuts, cheese, and bread (cheesumbread!)

See that dog? Her name's Missy Piggy. She's a sweetheart. Her owner is a gentleman by the name of Carpetface, the reason we're driving from the top of England to the bottom without even stopping in London (more on that later).

We recorded a few joints with Carpetface, looked at the vietiful view, and played some arcade games. There's a buncha pics and videos below, so I'll let them speak to ya.

hahaha, humps are funny.

Above is Carpetface himself. Homie was getting interviewed by a magazine so we trooped around town finding funness.

Our good homie and Carpetface associate RW Hedges gives us a lil book review. In case you are unaware, Mr Hedges is one of the most interesting and enjoyable people to talk to on the planet. You should buy lots and lots of his record.

After the Budeness, we decided to hit up London for a day before we rocked Leeds U radio and a show in Wakefield. Before that, we took a brief respite in Andover, lookit.


broke said...

crazy fuckers

Bogus Magus said...

I wouldn't shop here with dollars either! I live here, and earn those power pounds (not many of them, but what the hell).

I don't shop here either, just get online and shop in the US of A, right now, where my 'money' goes furthur...

Sorry I missed the show guys - ask Prop about Bogus and the Maybe crew, he knows where I come from...

Try to get paid in Pounds on tour... :-)